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good morning. i'm eric thomas. a lot of airlines fly the 757 american seems to be the only
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one experiencing these problems. >> and they are having labor issues both events at the same time. we are watching the blue angels they are going to soar starting today. america's cup racing giants first playoff game. host of big concerts. >> the weather will be closely watched by you and lisa argen in for mike. good morning. plenty of low clouds and fog this morning to inland valleys this is live doppler atop of mount st. helena, monday we could be picking up raindrops. right now a lot of moisture due to low clouds and fog. along the coast upper 50s with the clouds, thin out throughout the afternoon and we'll see low to mid 60s should be pleasant, around the bay. cloudy to start out, mid 60s by noontime, mix of clouds and sun to the lower 70s by the afternoon. filter out fog, but it is everywhere this morning, we'll look for slow clearing by noontime with upper 70s, a few
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degrees cooler inland. good morning. happy friday. a live look at bay bridge toll, metering lights not on yet, minor delay if you are paying cash headed into san francisco otherwise it is smooth sailing. wanted to show you the abc7 traffic waze app great tool to get around all these events this weekend in san francisco or elsewhere free app, 680 through walnut creek and alamo area moderate now according to traffic spotters. to download this free app, watch out for frustrating traffic closures and delays this weekend thanks to a slew of events from fleet week to america's cup, fighter planes over our skies. amy hollyfield is live along the embarcadero with a look ahead at some of those closures for these events. >> reporter: good morning. this should be the toughest spot the embarcadero.
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city officials are going to throw a new factor in the sidewalk is going to be packed with pedestrians, where to put the bicyclists? they are going to try shutting down a lane on the embarcadero and remember is it just for bicyclists between bay and washington. they believe that's the safest way to go. it is going to make things worse for cars. the message is, do not bring your car to the embarcadero. everyone is coming to watch this. there they are the blue angels. they will be taking to the skies to perform saturday and sunday around 3:00. the elite flight team says it loves flying in san francisco as much as we love watching. huge crowds come out for them. they are not the only game in town this weekend. there will be -- they will be sharing the stage below on the water, the america's cup semi
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finals sailing competition will be going on expected to attract huge crowds especially at marina green. the races will be at 4:00 today and tomorrow. then 2:00 on sunday. of course, don't forget the giants they have a playoff game saturday. here's a look at where some trouble spots should be, congestion points include lands end, fort point, chrissy field and aquatic park, golden gate bridge jammed, transportation officials say they are adding extra buses, ferries, trains for us this weekend. the death defying acts will be not in the sky but on the ground. once you get there it should be a lot of fun. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. half a dozen other fun special events this weekend. to find out how to get there using public transportation go to and look for the map under see it on tv. you can then click on the
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event you are going to. another overnight spike in gas prices could make your next trip to the pump a shocker more than $5 a gallon in many parts of the bay area. august fire in richmond and pipeline problems in southern california are being blamed with a shortage of reserves which hit a 10 year low some of the $5 mark mostly for premium, still getting close for unleaded. analysts say prices could continue to climb more than a dime a gallon per day for the near future. terry mcsweeney is live with some of the -- some of the most expensive gas we've seen in the bay area. also, heads-up for travelers, american airlines just cancelled a flight from sfo to miami, that was a 6:40 flight, we just got off the phone with american airlines they confirm the flight was cancelled due to a problem with loose seats on the plane. the airline is taking 44
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flights out of service today. all 757's boeing airplanes, passenger seats have been come character tarb -- have been coming loose on four other flights. american has blamed delays and cancellations on a slow down by pilots with whom they are having a labor contract dispute with. we will continue to follow the story. contra costa county health officials say a man has died from rabies the first such death in 20 years. in march, the man was bitten by a bat in late june the man developed symptoms vile vacationing in thailand, he died in a swiss hospital. tests confirmed rabies was the cause. once symptoms develop rabies is almost always fatal. the man worked in iraq. contra costa county health officials plan a news conference this morning. albany police releasing more details of arrest of a middle schoolteacher who later committed suicide.
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for the first time police confirmed that multiple reported victims were involved. sixth grade teacher james izumizaki was arrested last week on suspicion of lewd acts with a former student. he was found dead monday morning. police say the case remains under investigation, despite the teacher's suicide. >> evergreen district in san jose released notes taken by a principal who stands accused of failing to report suspected child abuse by a teacher. the notes involved teacher craig chandler he was arrested in january after two student accused him of molestation. the notes taken by the principal detail how a student told her chandler put something in her mouth while she was blind folded and alone with him in a last room with -- >> just a slew of events going on this weekend, many you want to be outside for. >> first things first that would be the blue angels' practice this afternoon, hopefully the fog will have
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lived by then. >> not only do we have the low clouds, fog, we have higher clouds cirrus clouds due to a system offshore that will bring a shroud/sun mix throughout the weekend. you can -- bringing a cloud/sun mix throughout the weekend. it is cool in the north bay, 48 santa rosa oakland 60 for you, 58 in livermore, 57 and cloudy in san jose. we are looking at the higher cirrus clouds you can see them with the shallow irma reason layer this morning those will thin out for -- for a partly clouder -- cooler, system offshore as it stays offshore it will continue to bring marine air mid 70s inland valley over the weekend hardly strictly bluegrass will see low 60s partly cloudy by the 4:00 hour blue angels we are looking at a mix of clouds and
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sun throughout the afternoon. temperatures on the cool side with that sea breeze low 60s looking good, fall-like. i talked about that system lurking offshore, getting closer, looks like it should hold off for the rest of the weekend. good morning. bay bridge first reports of an accident past metering lights lane two traffic backing for cash paying folks they jut flipped the metering lights on. golden gate bridge very light fog-free heading southbound out of the waldo tunnel across the span. slow out of antioch usual, beginning to bunch up towards pittsburg 20 minute drive out of the central valley okay starting to bunch up a little towards the altamont pass, just about a 20 minute drive headed into the dublin-pleasanton area. still ahead, good news that "good morning america" fans and certainly us here we've all been waiting for the
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big step forward robin roberts says she is close to making as she recovers from her bone marrow transplant. >> first starbucksec goes digital. new way the coffee giant is $qz favorite barista.
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. good friday morning. embarcadero no problems you want to be aware later on starting today they are going
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to close one northbound lane of the embarcadero from washington to bay street according to sue hall to accommodate bicyclists that will be their lane during this time p fleet week, blue angels they want to let cyclists have that area. it could make driving there more difficult, transit may be the best way if get into the city. america's cup racinggoing on. we'll check in with lisa argen to see how the weather will be, coming up. executives with sprint expected to meet this weekend to consider possible bid for rival metropcs. sprint is considering the bid as counter offer from the parent company of t-mobile. final decision on whether sprint will pursue the deal is expected next week. analysts say sprint needs to merge with another company in order to better complete with -- compete with verizon and at&t. expect a frenzy in
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union for opening of new clothing store, japanese retailer known for offering in a variety of colors -- offering a variety of colors. it is cool it lets customers try on one jacket and changes the color. the store is giving away free t-shirts to the first 500 customers who show up. starbucks new plan to allow customers to digitally tip -- tip baristas. we are looking at migging
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out a little sooner with approach of area of low pressure that is also if going to bring showers next week itch right now grey and the sun still has not made appearance and it won't for a while 7:09 is the official sunrise, all cloud cover then. starting 6:46 airport delays of an hour and 26 minutes at sfo, live doppler 7 hd not only the low clouds, cirrus clouds, and we will turn out to be pretty decent afternoon cooler air is headed our way. we will have a sun/cloud mix. 48 in santa rosa,, 59 san rafael, fremont 57, balmy 60 in oakland. mostly cloudy skies skies, partly cloudy over the weekend showers holding off until monday tuesday. as the logos closer it will mix out low clouds and fog although temperatures below average for the weekend it looks good for viewing and all
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the events going on. today looks like the cloudiest in the -- in the most impressive stretch of high and lower clouds by 2:00 holes in the overcast and we'll call it partly cloudy around the bay with that cooler marine air being pumped in from the area of low pressure, cooler temperatures inland milder numbers at our coast with sunny skies, partly sunny throughout the weekend, monday, tuesday this low continues to move on top of us and then sink south. back home low 70s for campbell today, mild day in sunnyvale, 72 there, 64 half moon bay, partly cloudy, 67 millbrae, san francisco 64 today, starting out with grey, but nice in the afternoon with sea breeze 68 petaluma near east bay 65 berkeley, 70 union city, 77 antioch, monterey day -- monterey bay cloudy, cooler afternoon for most, sunnier
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skies over the weekend at our coast temperatures averaging below normal hopefully rain holding off. back to the about toll, petering lights on accident lane two i'm afraid there goes your bay bridge commute this morning bumper-to-bumper now backed into the macarthur maze. elsewhere, roadwork still in lanes carquinez bridge eastbound 80 not affecting westbound. eastbound 83 lanes until 8:00 this morning. southbound 880 at high, stall reported in the right lane. i wanted to show you the abc 7 waze trafficman this is -- traffic map this is 880 oakland san leandro, bunching up. with all of the events happening not only in san francisco but elsewhere justin bieber oracle arena, cal and stan for games you want -- and stanford games.
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you want to download this app, it is a free app. robin roberts getting ready to make a big step in her recovery. going viral a's fan who jut can't contain his excitement about the team taking al west championship.
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>> good morning. former governor schwarzenegger is in the middle of a book tour he signed copies of his new memoir in minnesota hundreds lined up to meet the former governor and movie star. the book "total recall" details his journey from austria to his leer in hollywood and his infidelity. >> -- gma fans, robin says she could be back home and out hospital by next week. she made that announcement on her blog this is a picture of
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roberts at the hospital this week with sam champion and josh elliot. . roberts recovering from a bone marrow transplant. doctors are pleased with her progress but admit it still difficult to eat because of the chemo. gma will have more coming up. oakland a's are getting ready to take on the tying there's weekend. one fan couldn't be more excited. you can hurt yourself doing that. that is youtube video from yesterday's game when the a's won the al west title that fan in the stands couldn't contain his excitement. he's ole a die-hard fan. more than 18,000 -- he's obviously a die-hard fan. more than 18,000 viewed this video. waiting to see the video
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of sue hall when she caught this foul ball at that same game. >> yeah, i understand she dove and laid flat out and caught it the end of these two fingers that's what i heard. :25. a better than expected september jobs report just released this morning. we go live to wall treat for investors reaction. remembering steve jobs one year after his passing, the ceremony taking place to honor the late apple ceo. flames erupting on the bay bridge car fire tying up late night commute. >> are you kidding me gas prices at some places in the bay other over few dollars a gallon. experts say it is -- over $5 a gallon experts say it will get worse and soon. there's a solution, i'll have it coming up. those numbers are awful. hopefully you like these numbers better, lots loaf clouds and fog to start, 64 in
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the city, 70s inland. across the country, first snow in minneapolis, cool numbers down through st. louis, 50s there. looking at our airport delays stacking up at sfo, an hour and 26 minutes due to low clouds and fog. east coast looking good. we are looking at an interesting weekend detail
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yo gentleman labor department leased september jobs report about an hour ago it shows the economy added -- 114,000 jobs last month. unemployment rate fell to 7.8%, where it stood when president obama took office. stay with the morning news, coming up, we'll go live to bloomberg's jane king at the new york stock exchange. :30 good morning i'm is. i'm eric thomas. a lot of events this weekend. let's check in with lisa argen in for mike. good morning. we are starting out with not only low clouds and fog, airport delays stacking up an hour and 26 minutes at sfo. higher cirrus clouds as well,
6:31 am
there's a weather system offshore that will be allowing for a sun-cloud knicks today at our coast starting out -- mix today, starting out in the upper -- sea breeze keeping temperatures on the cool side around the bay mid 50s with the cloudy skies by noontime trying to thin out that cloud deck by the afternoon, sun cloud mix with upper 60s to low 70s, inland valleys, couple degrees of cooler today as that cooler onshore flow makes its way inland, low 50s and by the midday hour partly cloudy in the upper 70s by the afternoon we're talking a weather system flirting with us all weekend, i'll explain, coming up. good morning. back to the bay bridge earlier accident just past the metering lights lane two cleared out now we have a stall incline section right lane blacked blocked there
6:32 am
traffic backed past the over -- crossing. commute lanes are breezing by no issues if you can get in the carpool lane. south 88 ojai treat stall slow from the embarcadero -- all the events this weekend you want to take bart they are having extra trains golden gate ferry extra boat for giants game. muni has extra buses for all san francisco events. take transit, if you are drying, you are going to pay. gas prices jumped overnight again. they are likely to go higher. terry mcsweeney joins usly from menlo park. >> reporter: anything you want over $5, unleaded, premium it doesn't matter. people behind me pulling out, as we head over to that sign, it tells the story. this is perhaps the most
6:33 am
expensive place in menlo park. prices are heading this way. take a look at pictures as to why everyone price of gas in the bay area now somewhere around $4:55, up 20 cents from yesterday. experts say refinery fire in richmond, pipeline -- wholesale price has gone up a dollar a gallon. you and me paying here at the pump, retail wee only felt 30 cents of that we could be well into the fives, maybe some of these prices over six before it said and doneu. >> going to change anything you do any driving habits? >> unfortunately, for me because of work i don't have much of a choice. it will make us think from a family standpoint when we dry place it makes sense to flay, take a train or do something different.
6:34 am
>> reporter: i watched mr. floyd fill up when it was said and done he paid $9 if i nine for -- he paid $9 if i nine for a tank gas. to avoid this waze app it can guide you to stations cheaper. there are gas stations not far from here w two, three miles, that are 20, 30 even more cents per gallon cheaper with the experts saying the prices are going to go up for the next week or so before they level out, then start coming down, waze app might be a good way to beat the prices. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. :34. >> at least one person killed in a motorcycle accident in sonoma county last night. a car crashed head-on into a motorcycle on arnold drive, south of the city of snow a man and woman were on the motorcycle. the man -- the man died at the scene the woman was airlifted
6:35 am
to the hospital in critical. this morning authorities will be going through what is left of this car to figure out why it burst into flames on the bay bridge. it happened before 9:30 last night on the upper deck. highway patrol shutdown a stretch of two far right lanes. made for slow driving. no one was injured. san francisco giants will hold noontime rally outside at&t park to get ready for post-season play this weekend. fans are encouraged to wear orange. giants went through a light workout yesterday in prep for the best of five division series they take on the reds. the giants went through paces, cain spent time in the batting cage many game one of the series tomorrow 6:30. bumgarner will start game two. cain will start game one.
6:36 am
bochy isn't sure whether he will go with lincecum or zito for game three. a's arrived in detroit yesterday their series begins saturday at 3:00. parker will likely get the start. san francisco is expected to be overrun with visitors this weekend in a good way with numerous events. police will be patrolling all over the city. crowds coming to watch america's cup racing and fleet week are just two attractions this weekend. police say people should be alert in crowded situations and protect purse, pockets especially phones, which are attracty items for thieves. because of the convergence of fleet week -- >> and the america's cup world series, a weekend of congestion on the streets of san francisco. warning signs began flashing yesterday along the embarcadero advising drivers of street closures and detours throughout the north end of the city. golden gate bridge district
6:37 am
will run extra buses and ferries, bart will run extra trains. there are half a dozen other special events. to find out now get there using public transportation go to under see it on tv. right now the big problem spot is the bay bridge toll, sue is getting details. of course we can't -- >> let's check in with lisa in for mike. good morning. low clouds and fog and higher cirrus clouds right now live doppler, by overnight sunday into monday, mount st. helena could be picking up a few rain drops area of low pressure offshore sending not only cooler marine air our way today but higher cirrus clouds. this morning partly to mostly cloudy. by the afternoon sun-cloud mix, right now mild in oakland, 60, 48 cool degrees in santa rosa,
6:38 am
looking at temperatures today maybe a couple degrees cooler than yesterday inland 74 concord, 71 fremont, nice and mild in the city at 64, 71 in san rafael, we will see low clouds and fog thin out, but we are looking at temperatures a little below normal, as the area of low pressure gets closer it will allow for the marine layer to thin out coast inland numbers cooler than average then we could see umbrella weather after the weekend. hopefully, friday light. >> not exactly not at the bay bridge. good morning. earlier accident past metering lights gone stall incline left lane reason metering lights on slow approaching bay bridge. san jose looks good 87 northbound past hp pavillion at the limit. in san francisco, embarcadero northbound shutdown between washington and bay bridge i
6:39 am
should say one lane shutdown for bicyclists for all events in san francisco this weekend. expect traffic gridlock as that gets underway starting tomorrow. 580 over the altamont pass into the dublin-pleasanton area highway 4 beginning to bunch up, hillcrest 242 in the concord area, 80 east shore freeway 20 minutes from the carquinez bridge into the maze. waze app, great way to avoid traffic jams, good tool to get around, this is 880 in oakland, by 238 moderate traffic tpheufpt is a free app. very handy this weekend. september jobs report is out and it is better than expected. trading underway on wall street. live report from the new york stock exchange straight ahead. the dow up 61 points >> first, mitt romney in his
6:40 am
own words why the republican nominee for president says he was completely wrong. sexuality and scouting itch meet the east bay teen gaining support of thousands controversial [ female announcer ] pillsbury grands biscuits
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good friday morning
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airport delays over an hour later today partly cloudy cool numbers across the bay 75 sacramento. mid 60s lake tahoe feeling and looking like fall. 49 santa rosa right now with 60 in oakland mid 60s across the bay partly cloudy, upper 70s inland getting cool throughout the evening with that fog moving across the bay. we'll look for that marine layer to continue to provide partly cloudy skies for the strictly hardly blues festival or maybe it is the other way around, any way low 60s with sunshine and we'll look for the blue angels to fly up and over the partly cloudy skies throughout the weekend in the low 60s there. looking good, very fall-like. what would you do with $49,000? win big with abc7 and find out we are giving away $the,000, all of our facebook friends are he will -- all of our facebook friends are eligible enter to win $49,000.
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go to click this win $49,000 button that will take to you the page where you can fill out the entry form we'll announce the winner october 18th, after the game. you might get lucky. let's check with josh for what is coming up on "good morning america." good friday to all of you in the bay area. coming up, when you thought you maybe had seen it all when it comes to marriage proposals, i think we ail feel that way. we have the most elaborate one, more than 90 people participating already gone viral. this morning we talk to the happy couple, next right here on "good morning america". >> that's in about 15 minutes. right now today marks the first anniversary of steve jobs' death and the company created is paying a fitting tribute. apple's website stars with a remembrance of jobs. the founder and cupertino
6:46 am
native died of cancer at 56. in cupertino the blue flag at the community center will fly at half-staff today. the mayor says it is a great way to acknowledge jobs' profound local impact. moraga teenager has gained thousands of supporters as he fights to become an eagle scout after being turned down for the rank because he's gay. he spent years earning badges and completed his final project. the boy scouts recently found out that ryan is gay. a scouting executive released a statement saying he does not meet scouting's membership standard on sexual orientation. a family friend is disappointed. >> to not get it based on a technicality that had nothing to do with his progress, and his path to get to this point, yes it is frustrating. >> ryan's mom is trying to convince the boy scouts to change the anti-gay policy through a petition.
6:47 am
the family plans to tell their story next week. developing news we've been covering all morning. american airlines cancelling dozens of flights today, including one in the bay area. the flight from sfo to miami scheduled to takeoff at 6:40, was among those cancelled. american told us it was due to a problem with loose seats. the airline has taken 44 flights nationwide out of service all involved 757's boeing planes. think are working to put passengers on other flights. seats have come loose on four other flights in the past week and a half. new this morning, abc news obtained internal e-mail indicating the state department denied security request from the united states embassy in libya months before a deadly attack. last month ambassador stevens
6:48 am
was killed. three other americans were also killed. the new e-mail is from may, it shows state department officials turned down a request for a dc-3 plane meant to help the security team move safely through libya. president obama and mitt romney will campaign in virginia today. it is the second time in eight days both candidates have campaigned in virginia on the same day. mr. obama stopped yesterday in wisconsin he told the crowd he didn't debate the real mitt romney wednesday. accused the republican nominee of glossing over policy stances to improve his chances for november election. mitt romney says he was just completely wrong when he commented to wealthy donors about the 47% of americans who don't pay federal income taxes. romney told fox news last night that his life has shown he cares 100% about people. mitt romney's wife ann has
6:49 am
been booked as a guest host on "good morning america" next week. she will fill in for robin roberts who is on extended medical leave. the appearance is set for next wednesday, abc news is in discussions with the first lady for a similar appearance. are you doing your holiday shopping early? if you are, chances are you are worried about the economy. >> jane king is live at the new york stock exchange with that and investors seem to be liking what they are seeing in the jobs report, right? in september according to the labor day falling to 7.8%, the labor department say 114,000 jobs created last month almost exactly what
6:50 am
economists predicted. there's some dispute about those rosey numbers. an analyst says, the number of household surveyed in this report was double normal. he believes that contributed to the drop. and we have ge's former ceo tweeting this morning the obama administration manipulated the numbers to take advantage of them. investors, positive on wall street seems to be muted. dow up 46 points s&p fast in the -- s&p and nasdaq in the green. zynga shares down 20% cut forecast for key metrics good predictor of future bookings. zynga makes most of its money selling the virtual goods the players use and struggling with slower growth as users spend more time on mobile devices. have you don't your holiday shopping yet?
6:51 am
survey says 40% of bargain hunters are already doing holiday shopping. more than 70% of early birds have a dismal view of the economy. many worry about being able to make purchases in the coming months. live at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king. hrar is in for mike. cloudy start again. a little mix from our roof camera, pretty sunrise if you are around the bay and checking in, happening officially at 7:09, setting at 6:46, due to low clouds, airport delays this will mix out we'll see nice afternoon nice weekend live doppler 7 hd right now dry, low clouds, higher clouds monday maybe a few raindrops from our radar on top of mount st. helena 48° in santa rosa, oakland 60, 59 in mountain view and cloudy into our inland east bay,
6:52 am
cloudy to start partly cloudy today through the weekend. area of low pressure bringing in that cooler marine air throughout the weekend, holding the rain off. taking time for the atmosphere and fog to thin out. as it evaporates peeks of sun, partly cloudy cooler air france pored inland east bay today and the area of -- air france ported inland east bay today, -- look what happens by late sunday into monday, want to paint shower activity from sonoma even down through southern california into tuesday. we are keeping a couple days wet in the extended outlook today 73 mix of clouds and sun in campbell 69 san mateo sunshine with mild temperatures low 60s from the sunset 64 downtown in the north bay 68 petaluma 72 partly cloudy napa, near east bay 66 richmond 70 in union
6:53 am
city today inland this is where the numbers a few degrees cooler today danville 75 monterey bay sun is going to take a little while 68 in salinas starting out with clouds then a sun cloud mix, 70s, 60s coast saturday, sunday partly cloudy little temperature change maybe a few raindrops monday and tuesday still feeling much like autumn. good morning. nice drive if you are driving past the marin ymca 101 southbound towards central san rafael at the limit, no delays. a few brake lights westbound on the san mateo bridge as you approach the highrise to foster city looking at about 12 to 14 minute delay to get across the span eastbound no problems. bay bridge sluggish incline earlier stall gone behind the bay bridge toll is a nightmare
6:54 am
this morning backed through the maze 85 san jose northbound at 87 first reports of an accident at that junction blocking a lane brief delay at the scene. here are five things to know before you go: number one, gas prices soaring in california more than $5 a gallon in many parts of the bay area. analysts blame refinery problems and shortage of reserves. prices could continue to climb. >> number two, american airlines flight that would have taken off from san francisco a few minutes ago headed for miami has been cancelled due to loose seats. one of 44 flights across the country canceled this morning. >> number three, internal e-mail indicating the state department denied major security request from the united states embassy in libya, in may months before attack that killed the u.s.
6:55 am
ambassador with three other americans. >> number four, latest jobs report this morning shows u.s. unemployment rate fell to 7.8% last month dropping below 8% for the first time in nearly four years. employers added 114,000 jobs in september. >> number five, extra crowded this weekend with visitors attending numerous events throughout the bay area, fleet week, america's cup races, giants' playoffs and hardly strictly bluegrass festival to name a few, bart, muni and golden gate transit are adding extra service. final check on forecast. good morning. starting out with low clouds, high clouds and cool temperatures up to the north looking at 48 in santa rosa, 57 fremont, 58 livermore, if you are lucky enough to get breaks in clouds pretty sunrise now. clouds thin out and look for temperatures to reel the low 60s at our coast, mid sick 60s
6:56 am
to 70 around the bay -- low 70s to upper 70s inland. cooler inland, we'll see that sun shine throughout the afternoon mixed in with clouds this is going to hold through the rest of the weekend. to recap: hot spot bay bridge toll earlier accident earlier stall has things jammed those are now clear traffic backed into the macarthur maze. hot spot in san jose north 85 at 87, accident blocking two middle lanes, brief delay past the scene. with all the activities bart has extra trains, ferry golden gate boat for the giants game, muni has extra buses. no, she is not sick this is leftover a's excitement. >> thank you for joining us for the abc7 morning news.
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>> don't forget to download our new alarm clock app for your iphone. your iphone. have a great day. captioned by closed captioning services, inc.
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